What is Urgent & Family Care?
Fisher’s Landing Urgent & Family Care clinic combines the convenience of accessible, comprehensive medical care for non life threatening urgencies with the reliability and consistency of visits to an established Primary Care Provider.

urgent care-broken leg
Urgent Care includes medical treatment for medical emergencies that are not life threatening in a cost and time efficient manner. Professional fees and charges for tests and treatment are typically less than a busy Emergency Department visit with a shortened wait to be seen. If a life threatening injury or illness occurs, it is recommended to call 911 or quickly go to the nearest emergency room. It is our goal to provide affordable, quality care to patients in immediate need with the convenience of extended hours of availability.

Healthy Family
Family Care or Primary Care establishes our providers with the coordination of your medical care which may include treatment of many types of illnesses or injury. Referrals to specialists are made when more detailed diagnostics and treatment are required for specific needs. Same day appointments may be scheduled for patients of any age to see our professional staff to address primary care concerns. Call to check availability.